Bringing your brand into the light

Whether we’re designing a brochure, website or ad concept, we’ll always start by asking about your organisation and your brand values. To make your design communications as effective as possible, you need to have a clear brand in place so we all know what you stand for.

We create logos and brand identities that reflect how you want to be seen by your customers, your employees and your peers. A well-considered brand identity is uniquely yours; something you can really get behind and live up to. We find that unique identity together with you, through a design process of research, discovery, creation, development and implementation.

Brand research

We need to understand your position in your industry just like you do. We’re a fresh pair of eyes to take an honest look at how your business presents itself and how it compares to your competition. It doesn’t stop there though: we can take inspiration from anywhere, any industry. What brands do you admire?

Branding research Branding research

Above: Taking to the streets in the name of research, Logo analysis of your market.

Brand workshop

Our brand workshops are a valuable exercise to reveal the inspiration and motivation that drive a business, organisation or even a community. They are a place for frank, honest and incredibly productive dialogue between key stakeholders.

The end result is a rich collection of genuine thoughts and motivations that feed directly into a brand identity.

Brand values workshop
  • 05creative Branding workshop
  • 05creative Branding workshop
  • 05creative Branding workshop

Honing down to your core values

Logo creation

Your logo is the simplest, most immediate representation of your organisation. It’s the first impression and it’s essential to get it right. We refer to a logo design as a ‘brand identity’ because that reflects our approach to its development. The creation of a logo form is underpinned by an understanding of your organisation’s whole story - its inspirations, its reasons for being, its strategy for the future.

We take all that we’ve learnt and feed that into our creative process. Seeing your logo emerge from this process is incredibly exciting and inspiring.

  • 04creative Logo creation
  • 04creative Logo creation
  • 04creative Logo creation
  • 04creative Logo creation
  • 04creative Logo creation

Evolution of graphic form

Logo development

Here we craft and refine the original creative idea to perfectly reflect your brand. This is where we incorporate feedback and fine-tune the graphic form, colour, typeface and strapline. We immerse ourselves in the smallest detail until your logo says exactly the right thing in the right way.

05creative logo development 05creative logo development

The meaning of red


Our passion for excellence doesn’t stop when we hand over your logo, artwork and brand guidelines. We go to great lengths to make sure your brand is executed correctly wherever it’s seen by customers, staff or peers.

To make sure your project is delivered smoothly and perfectly, we work closely with a network of expert suppliers that keep us informed of the latest developments and possibilities.

Digital, print and physical build are all fields that demand specific methodology. Whether we supply directly or work alongside another supplier, we are your brand police.

05creative logo implementation
  • 05creative logo implementation
  • 05creative logo implementation
  • 05creative logo implementation

Brand realisation