Social issues are inherently complex and nuanced. Sharing evidence and research in ways that inspire others to action is a perpetual challenge for campaigns and organisations. Creative outcomes can frame challenging issues and distil the complexity and context surrounding them.

Captivate audiences

Campaigns and initiatives can use creativity to excite, to unite communities and to gain greater engagement. Policy-makers have limited time and attention so communication needs to be impactful and leave a lasting impression long after it is seen.

No Royal Road

The No Royal Road report illustrates a new approach to advocacy evaluation. It navigates the tension between wanting clear answers and the inherent uncertainties of change by embracing the natural pathways of transformation. By producing a printed outcome, the authors brought physicality to their work and, unlike a digital document that vies for attention against open tabs and notifications, it attracted the readers’ full focus.

The No Royal Road report, co-written by Jim Coe and Rhonda Schlangen.

Inside, the metaphor of natural pathways is visually explored using the contours of various landscapes.


The Community Groups that are part of Reset’s refugee resettlement programme are volunteers and require Lead Sponsors — typically charities — to be responsible for raising and holding funds and engaging with service providers. In a drive to attract more Lead Sponsors, a physical document was created for organisations to consider in their own time. The printed piece was tangible and warm and reinforced the online campaign.

Make research relatable and accessible

Personal stories can make issues relatable to audiences and changemakers. They humanise complex subjects and encourage support and engagement. 

Amplify NI

Amplify NI was a movement facilitated by The Young Foundation to help communities across Northern Ireland tackle inequality. First-hand stories from local communities were illustrated and exhibited to the public. The local communities felt heard and represented, while stakeholders and funders heard real stories, not just statistics and tables.

Odyssey Stories

Created by Alice Sachrajda and Alex Glennie, Odyssey Stories aimed to provoke connection across public places between the strangers we see every day. The pilot at Oval Station showcased the personal stories of those living and working in the local community in their own words. Each storyteller saw themselves and their story across station platforms.

Empower supporters to become advocates

How can organisations and initiatives encourage supporters to take action and become advocates? Creating and sharing compelling and valuable resources can inspire audiences into action.

Young Trustees Movement

The Conversation Cards, created with the Young Trustees Movement, are a great example of a purposeful tool. Inspired by tools we use in our own workshops, the cards are a practical, intuitive way for boards to facilitate open discussion and action.

Campaign materials expressed the values of diverse boards, using the language of circuits and switches.

Women’s Budget Group

Using their collective knowledge, the organisations behind the #ge2017forwomen campaign, led by The Women’s Budget Group, illustrated how the general election would impact women. A microsite presented all the facts together, and a social sharing mechanism gave people the licence to share and express their support in a way that resonated with them.

Campaign messages were sharable with a single click from the campaign microsite.

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