Futurology at the RNOH

Whether you want to welcome, impress or inspire, the space around us offers endless opportunity to communicate to visitors, clients and staff.

Designing for a physical environment is a different discipline from creating a website or printed brochure. It is an exciting opportunity to step away from the screen. We employ an understanding of the physical space and how people experience it. We then explore the technical and creative possibilities.

We’ve helped many clients utilise their offices, walls, corridors, events & exhibition space to engage more creatively with it’s audience.

Nobody is inspired by a Word document

38degrees invited us to bring their company culture documentation to life so staff could be reminded of the great impact their work has on a day to day basis. We took the Word document nobody was reading and extracted the best, most inspiring bits.

The dual end result is an illustrated celebration of 38degrees’ values; these sit opposite undulating fragments of great moments in the company’s history.

On arrival at 38degrees HQ staff and visitors are now met with an explosion of energy and motivation.

38 Degrees wall graphic
  • 38 Degrees installation
  • 38 Degrees value cupboard
  • 38 Degrees wall art

38 Degrees culture graphics

Hospital art helps healing

The contribution of the arts to health and well-being has long been recognised. We created graphics for 3 floors of the newly built Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital (RNOH) that engage directly with patients, managers and staff.

These graphics create a sense of place, history and culture. They encourage a relationship between human and building.

Each piece fits perfectly within its environment and is designed to resonate with the audience.

RNOH wall graphic
  • RNOH wall graphic timeline
  • RNOH wall graphic building

RNOH hospital wall graphics: futurology, history, infographic

Putting our client on the map

Attention to detail; It’s what our clients promise to their customers. So everything we create should reflect the same ethos.

When it came to the obligatory map of the local area, we wanted to create something unique. This meant not settling for a scaled up AtoZ print, so ubiquitous in property agents offices. We took the time to create a full vector map of Brighton & Hove. This was the hard way around producing a map, but this approach meant we had a completely accurate but fully editable piece of artwork. It allowed us to breath brand colours into streets and spaces. It allowed us to elegantly denote districts, landmarks and key information such walking times from train stations.

You won’t find another map quite like this one.

Parks map artwork
  • Parks interior
  • Parks large map

Brighton map redesigned

Show time (Events & Exhibitions)

VIP events & award ceremonies enhance brand recognition and increased customer loyalty (a successful event will create new brand ambassadors). Design plays a crucial role in helping to make this happen. Such events are often unique and untypical of usual corporate activity. We need to embrace the nature of the event and incorporate brand guidelines appropriately. Then comes the supply of creative services - fully supporting the event manager with a comprehensive understanding of their requirements.

  • Aviva event graphic
  • Aviva event graphic
  • Aviva event graphic
  • Aviva event graphic

Aviva and UK Athletics VIP events, Aviva and Telegraph School Sports Matters Awards

Exhibitions are opportunities to make a marketing splash, boost brand image and drive sales. Exhibition stands present exciting canvases upon which to create a visual language that delivers impact and provoke enquiries. We work closely with the marketing team to ensure design aligns with a defined marketing message.

  • Worksmart graphics
  • Worksmart graphics

Worksmart Technology for Big Beach Marketing