Over the years, we’ve run workshops around business challenges like naming products, establishing brand values and gathering market research. Workshops offer a unique environment where it’s easier to see challenges differently.

Big benefits

Distance and perspective

Dedicated time and space away from the day-to-day detail, making it easy to see the bigger picture.

Understanding and alignment

A chance to see ideas and insights explored and agreed by everyone.

Clarity and conviction

The means to speed up decision making and apply strategy to everything going-forward, from your business card to your website.

How workshops can help

We tailor each workshop to the challenge in question. Because of this, the workshop activities and duration vary greatly. So you have a better idea of how workshops help, we’ve outlined our two most popular workshops here.

Positioning workshops

Positioning workshops centre around how you’re seen, heard and remembered. They can help when you’re struggling to talk confidently about the value you offer or if you have a new direction or focus as a business.

This workshop gives you what you need to:

  • Confidently express what you do and its value across your communication, sales and marketing
  • Bring together and energise your team in the future of the business
  • Appreciate where you’ve been, where you are and determine where you want to go

Website workshops

A website workshop begins with listening to the frustrations and desires you and your customers are having with your digital presence. This knowledge fuels the strategy behind improving or building a new website.

This workshop gives you what you need to:

  • Assess your existing content and media with your business goals in mind and create new content strategically
  • Coordinate your digital marketing, social and SEO surrounding your website
  • Understand what platforms and functionality you need to achieve your immediate and future goals
  • Give the best experience for people engaging with you online
  • 05* facilitated discussions that helped us take a step back from the work we’re so close to. We fully embraced their mantra of ‘saying less’ and are excited to move ahead with the new take on what we do.

    Mike O’Donnell Jr., CCO – Opus Technology

  • 05creative* put a lot of work into really looking under the bonnet of what we do and understanding what we’re about, which has been so valuable. I can honestly say it’s helped all of our team understand what we’re about and solidified how we talk about ourselves. The brand work that followed the workshop is phenomenal, we couldn’t be happier.

    Adam Sheldon, Founder, Director – Big Egg Films

  • The workshop allowed a guided open and honest conversation about the business - its highs and lows, positives and negatives, and overall, why we are doing it and what we want from it, both for us and our customers! It opened up new discussions and was a very productive, insightful session.

    Rosie Joyce, Manager – Down to Earth

What to expect in a workshop

Workshops might be as short as 2 hours and can take place virtually — but are best in person. There will be lots of talking openly about your organisation, some hands-on activities and group discussions. As well as facilitating all the activities and discussions, we handle all the logistics — all we’ll require from you are your perspectives.

Shortly after the workshop, you’ll receive a workshop wrap-up’ recording the discussions, the things that came to light, and our learnings and recommendations for going forward.

Talk about workshops with us

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