East Quay is a community centre making an unprecedented impact in a secluded Somerset fishing town. The team behind this project wanted striking visuals to match the huge personality this space has.

Touring the space while in the final throes of construction, we pin-pointed key features and design opportunities through safety goggles and face masks.

The internal wayfinding works diligently without competing against the building’s playful architecture. Fly-poster style navigation brings a human, grassroots feel to the concrete backdrop.

Internal fly-poster signage installed on the ground floor.

Large-scale entrance signs confidently welcome arriving visitors. Photograph by Jim Stephenson.

Signage at the rear greets passing walkers on the South West Coast Path.

The signage looks completely beautiful, thanks so much for all your fantastic work.

Georgie Grant

Director – East Quay

  • Understanding & analysis
  • Environment & event branding
  • Content & management
  • Installation support
Print and installation – Artworks