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05creative’s part in this major redevelopment project was to create 3 graphic walls that would educate and inspire, as part of art’s ability to contribute to health and well-being. Located in London’s Bolsover Street, The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital is the largest specialist orthopaedic hospital in the UK, and is regarded as a worldwide leader in its field.

The project involved fact-finding from the construction firm (SISK) and architects (HOK International). It involved interviewing highly respected surgeons (sometimes dressed in full hospital scrubs!) and ploughing through box files of dusty, forgotten treasures. Along the way we discovered what orthopaedic care looked like during wartime Britain, particularly for children. We found old diary accounts and fascinating sepia photos. Our research reconnected the hospital with the daughter of a significant surgeon in its history who attended the opening ceremony, where we were honoured to present our work to HRH Prince Andrew.

The Past: A rich history in an illustrated timeline.

The RNOH can trace its history back over 150 years to 1838 and the project manager was passionate to ensure that its illustrious story wouldn’t disappear with the decommissioning of the old building. She had saved box files full of dusty old archives - an absolute treasure trove of history - as well as photos, handwritten journals and old publications. Stories of royal patronage, world war life, patients looking out from old sepia prints. With help and insight from volunteer friends of the hospital, we organised them into chronological order and created this fascinating timeline.

RNOH hospital wall art
  • BNOH hospital timeline
  • RNOH hospital wall art

An illustrated history

The present: How to build a hospital in an infographic.

700 tonnes of steel (equivalent to 2 Jumbo Jets), 1,200 workers and 438,000 man hours. Just some of the fascinating facts that might make you feel differently about the building you’re standing in. This wall graphic is for the children's’ ward. It is designed to give the building a personality that children can relate to (bearing in mind, the often painful conditions that the children we here for). It presents the construction of the hospital in a fun infographic that we created around a bunch of facts the building contractor (SISK) took the time to draw up for us. In fact they co-sponsored this piece.

RNOH hospital wall art
  • RNOH hospital wall art
  • RNOH hospital wall art

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The Future: Science continues to innovate

Having dealt with the past and present, this graphic looks towards the future and is aptly situated in the rehabilitation ward. Conveying how biology, engineering & chemistry play their part in orthopaedic advances, it sites the study of natural phenomena; such as how reindeer skin moulds around antlers as they grow - inspiring a revolutionary technique allowing surgeons to attach a prosthetic limb directly to the human skeleton and letting the skin heal around it.

RNOH hospital gym graphic
  • RNOH hospital graphic
  • RNOH hospital graphic

Inspiring rehabilitation

38 Degrees image

38 Degrees

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