After a busy 10 years creating an award-winning video production agency, Big Egg Films were imagining what was next and how they might get there.

Big Egg came to us for support with reflecting on everything to date and navigating the steps to the next phase. Together, through our brand workshop, we shone a light on their strengths, skills and stories. Through those conversations and reflection, the qualities and values that differentiate their approach to film-making became evident.

With a shared understanding and intention throughout, we created a brand strategy to guide decision-making while staying true to themselves as they invest and grow. The new brand identity celebrates their energy, passion for collaboration, and focus on diversity.

The joyful letter arrangement and irregular shapes in the logo convey Big Egg’s passion for inclusivity and sharing unique perspectives.

Movement is a crucial part of how Big Egg express itself. The motion language we developed includes different ways they can bring playfulness and charm to their content.

05creative* put a lot of work into really looking under the bonnet of what we do and understanding what we’re about, which has been so valuable. I can honestly say it’s helped all of our team understand what we’re about and solidified how we talk about ourselves. The brand work that followed the workshop is phenomenal, we couldn’t be happier.

Adam Sheldon

Founder, Director – Big Egg Films

Founder and Director Adam Sheldon talking about what the branding process and what it was like working with us.

  • Brand positioning
  • Brand strategy
  • Discovery workshops
  • Tone of voice
  • Understanding & analysis
  • Brand guidelines
  • Brand identity
  • Logo design
  • Motion & photography