The King’s Centre for the Study of Intelligence (KCSI) team approached us as they were about to grow from a research group into a research centre.

Already well-respected internationally, the change from group to centre signified a commitment to growing KCSI further. Being part of the globally recognised King’s College London (KCL) brand, the responsibility of creating a brand identity that respected and honoured this new face within KCL fell to us.

King’s College sub-branding

The opportunity to express KCSI’s personality came in the visual language that we created. Working closely with KCSI, we ran a hybrid workshop to establish and formalise their purpose and goals. Taking the resulting insights and learnings, we decided on a graphic approach to step away from the visual language commonly seen around the subject of intelligence.

KCSI bring together perspectives from historians, philosophers, practitioners, and economists from around the globe. Each graphic we created represents the convergence of these different perspectives into solid, salient points — the core offering of KCSI. We selected colours from the KCL brand colour palette that worked well together and brought dynamism to the graphics.

Website design and development

The new website we created for KCSI houses the output of their members, acting as both a valuable academic resource and an unmistakable confirmation of their up-to-the-minute, world-leading expertise.

When exploring the scope of the website, we identified opportunities where automation could ease two manual processes occupying their time. Integrating with the Eventbrite API and KCL Pure system, we ensured events and publications on the website were automatically kept up-to-date.

Laptop sitting open with the new KCSI homepage on screen.
A women scrolling through events on the new KCSI website.
KCSI’s new LinkedIn profile and header images.

Event materials

Debates and seminars are a significant part of how KCSI develop solutions and grows its membership. We wanted the new event materials to be coherent and broadcast their identity to their peers and the public.

Roll-up banners and tablecloths are easily portable between venues and quickly establish presence and professionalism in a space. Their merchandise does the same wherever it is seen and acts as a source of revenue for the centre.

Hoodie with KCSI brand graphic printed onto it being worn on campus.
Roll up banner design for KCSI events and seminars.
Tote bag design for KCSI.
Blue notebook with the KCSI logo printed on the cover.
  • Understanding & analysis
  • Brand guidelines
  • Brand identity
  • Logo design
  • Stationery
  • Website design
  • Website development
  • Content & management
  • Hosting & maintenance