The Holmes Report began as one person’s perspective on global public relations. With editors now spanning the globe and the world’s largest PR awards and events programme, the brand needed to evolve.

Having provided full service design support for many years across digital, print and events, we had invaluable insight into their organisation when they approached us to move the brand forward.

While composed of unique voices, all agreed that their role within the industry was to challenge conventional wisdom, urge people to think deeper and incite behavioural change. This uncompromising spirit became the centre of the textured and animated brand identity we created, now named PRovoke.

To be provoked is a reaction, the brand motion language is used to show this best.

Creating an identity that could accommodate editorial features, live events and media involved building in considerable flexibility. The guidelines created treat features and regional events consistently, whilst keeping their relationship to PRovoke clear.

Chris Porter

Senior Designer

The feedback has been remarkably positive and it really feels like the new identity has brought our vision to life.

Arun Sudhaman

CEO – PRovoke Media

  • Understanding & analysis
  • Brand guidelines
  • Brand identity
  • Editorial & report design
  • Environment & event branding
  • Logo design
  • Stationery
  • Campaigns & marketing
  • Content & management