Following the award-winning success of their flagship care home in Chelsea, Loveday invested in four new properties. Enabling them to offer their unique blend of tailored, compassionate care and world-class hospitality to more families across London.

Having worked with the Loveday team from the beginning of their journey in pioneering a new approach to dementia and senior care, we were perfectly positioned to roll out the new identity into something distinguished and wholly integrated with the brand strategy.

No aspect of the brand was left unconsidered, spanning marketing touch-points, building hoardings, activity planners, event invitations, welcome packs and beyond. Each output reflects Loveday’s standard of compassionate care and world-class hospitality through elegant finishes, luxury materials and bespoke illustration.

Our in-house platform Brandbox also plays a crucial role in giving the Loveday team control of brand consistency. Approved assets are easily shared and used both internally and by external partners.

  • Understanding & analysis
  • Brand identity
  • Environment & event branding
  • Logo design
  • Stationery
  • Website design
  • Campaigns & marketing
  • Content & management
  • Motion & photography

Brand Strategy – Lido

Photography – Eddie Macdonald

Videography – Big Egg Films

PR – Alina Wallace

Web Development – Brookfield

Print – L&S Printing, The Liquorice Press